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Business Systems Development

~ "I hold Peter, both professionally and personally, in high regard. He worked for me at BA Merchant Services (BAMS)…. Although he filled a role that was titled “project manager”, Peter also undertook a lot of systems development and business analyst work. He was good at what he did – knowledgeable, conscientious, loyal, resourceful, a team player and used initiative to back up his abilities. Some of the projects he led saw him get very involved with the business and leading the business along with the projects, all of which was vital to the projects’ successes. I guess the best reference I can give for Peter is to say that I would not hesitate to work with him again. He is a very capable technology and business project manager."

Craig Hartmann SVP. Bank Of America

Analyzing And Solving Complicated Technical Problems

~ “Peter is very gifted at analyzing and solving complicated and technical problems. He not only excels at the heads-down technical problem solving, but is great at speaking to the individuals necessary to resolve the issue. Peter is very thorough in his approach to work and does not cut corners in my opinion. It was a pleasure to work with him for over three years.”

Jeremy Odom SQL Developer, Verari Systems

Advanced Technology Operations Management

~ “As the new (President, UK) of a company specializing in innovative Linear Accelerator Technology, I found it necessary to restructure and strengthen my management procedures and organization. This required someone with sound technical and production experience and familiarity with operations management in a high tech facility. Mr. Beddows qualifications and experience matched our stated requirements very well and indeed proved well suited to the task itself.”

Vivian Boaler, B Sc. C Eng. MI Mech E. Mng Dir, Radiation Dynamics, Plc. (Retd).

Business ERP Systems Management

~ “Peter excelled as the key IT support for the Company's ERP system. He always resolved critical issues quickly and timely and delivered ideas and information in a well-organized and understandable manner. Peter led the Company through several major upgrades of the ERP system and due to Peter’s thorough preparation, training, and communication the transitions went extremely well every time. Peter also covered all IT aspects of external audits by PwC and thus contributed to successful audits. Peter’s strengths lie beyond just the IT skills since with his international background and tremendous experience Peter is a “big-picture guy” and doesn’t lose sight of what the real issues are.

Peter is a team-player and his professional demeanour and great sense of humour made it always a pleasure to work with him. I can recommend Peter as a valuable asset to any type of organization.”

Markus Hofmann Controller, Verari Systems, Inc.

Engineering Management And Business Development

~ ”within the short time since joining Reynolds Industries Systems, Inc, the departments and functions under Mr. Beddows responsibilities became the best run within the company.

Ron Varosh Division General Manager. Reynolds Industries Systems, Inc.

Business Intelligence And Information Systems Solutions

~ “Peter cemented his status within the company shortly after arriving, having found and corrected a significant but elusive database anomaly within the Balance Sheet that had heretofore been irresolvable even by our expert ERP servicers. That early success merely foreshadowed what would become a common expectation when working with Peter: accuracy/precision, creativity, initiative, resourcefulness, technical proficiency, business insight, and bulldog determination. Peter has a tremendous & storied career, and his ability to draw upon those experiences and leverage his expertise is a fantastic asset for any organization.”

Bill Houle Dir. IT. Verari Systems

Advanced Technology Development Project Turn-around

~ “During the period (I) was employed by Gulton Industries as Vice President of Engineering, Mr. Beddows was hired to help plan the (turnaround ....) systems for the production of very sophisticated (TOKOMAK) equipment. .... Mr. Beddows demonstrated a grasp of the total project so well that he was subsequently asked by D.O.E. Washington to handle the same situation at another company.”

Victor Krummenacher VP. Engineering. Teledyne Inet. (Retd).

ERP Systems Integration And Management

~ “Peter is the true IT professional. He is very knowledgeable and has a detailed and direct manner which makes him very enjoyable to work with. Peter is a wealth of knowledge and has been very helpful to not only fix the issues, but when he comes up with the fix, he has the patience and drive to step by step show you the fix and why things happened the way they did. You don’t find many IT managers who have that skill and level of patience. I have had many discussion with Peter on IT processes that I never knew of, and he was very easy to talk to and would spend his spare time reinforcing the training he gave to me and my team.”

Scott Hasson International Logistics Manager, Verari Systems, Inc.

Management Information Systems Development

~ "We have found Mr. Beddows to be extremely qualified in designing and trouble-shooting MIS based systems. His education, experience and performance have been an excellent match for our needs and he dispatched his commitments in an exemplary manner. We would recommend him to any prospective organization as a (systems... ) management person with a high degree of applicable skills .... "

Ken Claybaugh Founder, President, Payrite, Inc

Business ERP Systems Integration And Management

~ “I worked with Peter Beddows for 5 years at Verari Systems, Inc. Peter was a leader in integrating our key operations activities with our ERP System. Our company was complex, designing and manufacturing on a fast-turn basis custom computer and storage systems for customers in a variety of industries like Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Electronic Design, Government and Internet Service Providers. The demands from Engineering, Operations and Finance / Accounting on the information systems were relentless. Peter was a leader in assessing functional needs, demands and information requirements of key functional areas and developing and implementing solutions that made the systems more effective, allowing rapid growth from $30 million to over $120 million revenue run rate and empowering individuals and key functional areas to be more efficient. Peter engineered solutions that enabled the company to use the systems to turn jobs and profits more quickly, measure the job profits very clearly and measure the variances from planned profits. Additionally, integration of design engineering systems, after-sales service management systems and CRM were enhanced by Peters' leadership and efforts.”

Christopher Witt, CPA, CMA, MBA CFO, Verari Systems, Inc.