Creating Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle – Creating The Self-Sufficient Life
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How To Live Off The Grid Now™, Encinitas, CA​

Creating A Modern Day
Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle

Get Freedom From Dependence On
Power Grid For Electricity, Super-Markets For Food And 9-5 Jobs For Income

An eBook from How To Live Off The Grid Now™ by Peter Off-The-Grid

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Get The Info You Need To Create Your Own Self-Reliant, Self-Sustaining, Off-The-Grid Homestead Lifestyle

| The Project Foundation: Going Beyond Prepping - The Off-The-Grid Homestead |

Fundamentals: Basics For Life | Solutions: Meeting The Basics | Goal: Self-Sufficiency |

The Benefits of Living Off-The-Grid | Overcoming Obstacles, Setbacks, Limitations |

Objective: The "What" of Off-Grid Life | Market Opportunity: The "Why..." |

Method: The "How..." | Location: The "Where..." | Operations: The "How Much..."

Breaking out the details of what it takes to create a self-reliant, self-sustaining, off-the-grid lifestyle.

Looking at life and health enhancing benefits of a lifestyle found only in living off-the-grid.

Considering the differences, difficulties and challenges of being self-reliant, living off-the-grid.

Offering ideas, strategies, resources and solutions to help you get free from the power grid, super-markets and the 9-5 commuting drudge by creating your own self-reliant, self-sustaining, homestead lifestyle.

No sales pitching. No hype. Just plain speaking facts, ideas, suggestions about life off-the-grid.

While the eBook is FREE, the content is practical and actionable knowledge and ideas.

So, how do you do all that? Stop dreaming: Get The eBook: Get Organised: Start doing.