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Take Back Control Over Your Life

Do You Want To Take Back Control Over Your Life?

Let's start by asking, do you want to take back control over your life? Do you want the Freedom to live life on your own terms?

Seems rhetorical doesn't it? Who wouldn't want control over how they live their life and yet many are living lives of quiet desperation, unaware of the possibilities for them to make a change? Even unaware of why they feel so stressed, so unhappy, unhealthy, dissatisfied and disillusioned with their life. 

Take Back Control Over Your Life: Traffic-Jam Daily Commute

Classic Commuter Nightmare. Toxic Fumes, Stress, Time And Money Loss.

Does this ring true for you? Do you even realize that you have no control over your own life if you live within "the system"? Do you realize how vulnerable you are if you live within "the system"? How will you survive if "the system" fails? This is about getting to that Freedom to live life on your own terms. Are you ready?

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Tax Cuts = Jobs Creation Is Fake News

FAKE NEWS Is Fire And Fury Alternative Facts:​​​​

TAX CUTS, JOBS, JOBS CREATION, TRICKLE DOWN? These benefits, as claimed by the GOP, are all deliberate FAKE NEWS. Fire and Fury rhetoric! Alternative facts to reality.

Tax Cuts for the middle class! Jobs creation as a result of tax cuts!! Trickle-down benefits to the economy!!! This tax package will stimulate GDP Growth to eliminate the deficit!!!! This plan will pay for itself!!!!! Oh really? Not likely! Maybe it's time to ask how to get out of the system and go live off the grid?

tax cuts, jobs creation, tax cuts and jobs act, live off the grid: Image of MAD-Magazine Cover 541

Another Issue Of MAD-Magazine - cc MAD Magazine #541

It's actually, sadly, all nonsense! Trump Fire and Fury rhetoric; GOP Pipe dreams made real! All completely MAD; deliberately misleading, snake-oil statements. If you believe any of it, then I've got an equally wonderful, mythical, bridge and I'd like to sell it you! But, if you know it's really nonsense and are looking for a solution, I've got that for real here.

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