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Make Money And Live Life On Your Terms Off The Grid

Why Do You Need Money In Living Off The Grid?

To live life on your terms with comfort, you really have to make money and be living off the grid! If you don't make money, you wont enjoy any comfort. If you don't live off the grid, you are never really getting to freedom. You need both to be in control of those things you depend on for a healthy, happy, life.

So! Do you need money to be living off the grid? That depends on what you mean when you talk about living off the grid! Let's dig into this further.

Make Money And Live Life: Wheres-the-money: Income and Savings graphic

Income and Savings

Well, you don't! That is, you don't need much, if any, money to get into living off the grid if all you want to do is go back to a very basic, rudimentary, survivalist form, of living off the grid. Go back to living virtually Caveman style! You just need to find your remote spot where you can legally set up camp to live off the grid. More about this below.

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Freedom! What Is That?

The Foundation Of Our Freedom:

Here in the United States, we talk a lot about freedom and being a free nation. In terms relative to other countries, that is largely true thanks to our Constitution.

For example, we are blessed to have the right to freedom of speech and to elect our leaders from a local through State to Federal level. We have the Constitutional Rule Of Law. But, do we really have freedom on a personal level? Are you doing the things that you love and that bring you joy?

What, exactly, do I mean by personal level freedom? What kind of freedom is that? Freedom from what? And how do you get, and enjoy having, this freedom? And, if you are you not doing the things that you love and that bring you joy, why not?

Freedom: Statue Of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty - Freedom

"How To Live Off The Grid Now" is ultimately about creating and enjoying a level of personal freedom for yourself and your family! It's about living a healthier, less-stressful, more rewarding life. It's about getting to do the things that you love and that bring you joy! Stay with me here as I show you what I mean by all this. Then, let me know in the Comments below what Freedom means to you and what you think about all this.

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Take Back Control Over Your Life

Do You Want To Take Back Control Over Your Life?

Let's start by asking, do you want to take back control over your life? Do you want the Freedom to live life on your own terms?

Seems rhetorical doesn't it? Who wouldn't want control over how they live their life and yet many are living lives of quiet desperation, unaware of the possibilities for them to make a change? Even unaware of why they feel so stressed, so unhappy, unhealthy, dissatisfied and disillusioned with their life. 

Take Back Control Over Your Life: Traffic-Jam Daily Commute

Classic Commuter Nightmare. Toxic Fumes, Stress, Time And Money Loss.

Does this ring true for you? Do you even realize that you have no control over your own life if you live within "the system"? Do you realize how vulnerable you are if you live within "the system"? How will you survive if "the system" fails? This is about getting to that Freedom to live life on your own terms. Are you ready?

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Tax Cuts = Jobs Creation Is Fake News

FAKE NEWS Is Fire And Fury Alternative Facts:​​​​

TAX CUTS, JOBS, JOBS CREATION, TRICKLE DOWN? These benefits, as claimed by the GOP, are all deliberate FAKE NEWS. Fire and Fury rhetoric! Alternative facts to reality.

Tax Cuts for the middle class! Jobs creation as a result of tax cuts!! Trickle-down benefits to the economy!!! This tax package will stimulate GDP Growth to eliminate the deficit!!!! This plan will pay for itself!!!!! Oh really? Not likely! Maybe it's time to ask how to get out of the system and go live off the grid?

tax cuts, jobs creation, tax cuts and jobs act, live off the grid: Image of MAD-Magazine Cover 541

Another Issue Of MAD-Magazine - cc MAD Magazine #541

It's actually, sadly, all nonsense! Trump Fire and Fury rhetoric; GOP Pipe dreams made real! All completely MAD; deliberately misleading, snake-oil statements. If you believe any of it, then I've got an equally wonderful, mythical, bridge and I'd like to sell it you! But, if you know it's really nonsense and are looking for a solution, I've got that for real here.

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Going Off The Grid – You Need To Know

11 Things To Know Before Going Off The Grid

An Introduction To The 11 Things To Know:

This is a guide intended only to give you a general informational overview of the 11 most fundamental things you would need to know before going off the grid.

It is a curation of "words-of-wisdom" gathered from the experiences of those who have taken the step of creating their own off-the-grid lifestyle.

going off the grid: Fertile Homesteading Land

Fertile Land

It is relatively easy to go off the grid by simply cutting your connection to the power grid. But, it is very complicated to go completely off the grid to self-sufficiency. It is also very easy to underestimate what is involved in creating the off the grid self-sufficient lifestyle.

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Get Off The Grid Checklist

What It Takes To Get Off The Grid:

Get Off The Grid? Live off the grid? What does it take? That depends!

By "get off the grid" I mean so much more than just cutting the umbilical chord to the power grid for your  source of electricity. It should go without saying that you will want to do that but you can also do so much more than that. It all depends on just how far you want to go, and can go, to have freedom from dependence on outside, vulnerable, resources.

get off the grid: Log Cabin In The Woods photo

For example, do you want freedom from having to eat GMO modified and generally mass-processed Super-Market food products? Then you will need to grow your own vegetables and possibly chickens as well. You could do that to meet your own food needs and even grow enough to create a source of income.

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Creating The Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle

What is the off-the-grid, self-reliant, lifestyle?

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"Creating A Modern Day Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle"

The "off-the-grid, self-reliant, lifestyle" label, in the context of this web-site and discussion, means so much more than just living a lifestyle in a home that is simply disconnected from the power grid and nothing more than that - the original definition of being "off-the-grid". This label also now means much more than a life lived in some remote boondocks location, even though modern usage of the term "off-the-grid" has now come to mean even that in the broadest sense of its use.

But here I am talking about living your life in a way that is essentially self-reliant and, ultimately, also self-sustaining: Looking at creating a lifestyle that is technically fully off-the-grid in every respect. This means having a lifestyle that is completely free of dependence on any form of public services. 

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How To Live Off The Grid Now – Benefits of Subscribing


How To Live Off The Grid Now™ – “Now” meaning by today’s modern standards of comfort and convenience? That is the question! How do you do that?

Have You Been Searching For How To Live Off The Grid Info?

Have you been searching the web to find practical, unambiguous, helpful answers to your questions about how to live off the grid or how to get off the grid?

Have you been looking for useful, clear, information about how to live off the grid or how to get off the grid?

Do you know what it would actually take to live off the grid?

Are you curious about how to get off the grid to free yourself from dependence on the national power grid for electricity, from dependence on the modern-day mass-produced, processed food supply-chain for healthy food, from dependence on tedious commutes to boring 9-5 jobs that could go away in a heartbeat leaving you without income?

Have you been looking for answers to the question of how to take back control over your own life and help protect yourself from failures in the system? Are you living the life you dreamed of living?

Not actually that easy to find smart, usable answers is it? ... Continue reading ...

How To Live Off The Grid Now – How To Navigate These Web Assets


See the quick Explainer Video – Trailer on this Website Home Page for a quick overview to learn what How To Live Off The Grid Now™ is all about. Watch the Explainer Video – Detail on the Blog Post “How To Live Off The Grid Now™ – Benefits of Subscribing” for a complete presentation that explains not only what How To Live Off The Grid Now™ is all about but also why.… Continue reading …