Bluetooth Headsets – Lightweight, Long Lasting, Dual-Connect TV-Phone By LG

We have had really good experience using LG’s Bluetooth Headsets for many years now. My wife and I both enjoy using these beautiful LG Bluetooth headsets. They have really good sound quality, are very light weight and can be used with TV and phone; a built-button helps you switch from TV to phone if a call comes in or you want to make a call while you were watching TV. They have adjustable sound level and Play/Pause buttons for listening to mp3’s or podcasts.

My wife uses them every night while watching TV as I sleep – which is a blessing for both of us because she is a classic night-owl and I am up early every day in time to fetch the cows in for milking in the morning, usually around 04:00 AM; actually, it is currently more about me getting a jump start on my day so as to be more productive but I still remember bringing in the cows and the cream off the top of the milk made great ice-cream and butter but that’s another story!

BTW: My wife also uses her 770’s to listen to Podcasts and watch YouTube stuff via the Bluetooth connection to her BlackBerry Playbook, connecting to her Playbook as an alternative to having her 770’s connected to her phone.

So we just invested in a couple of new LG HBS-770 headsets.

I use my 770’s (previously using 730 and before that 700) as I work my butt off in front of my hot, steaming, computers (one kept unexpectedly shutting down on me during a recent hot-spell due to overheating but maybe I should not be over-clocking it so hard?) and listening to Spotify or Pandora helps in the effort to keep me sane as I blog or develop new web assets. I find listening to music – from Bach to the Bee-Gee’s – to be very calming and supportive of the creative spirit.

The latter (staying sane and creative) sometimes proves to be quite hard to do at times so the music really helps: Well, when one uses Windows pcs as we do, I guess that comes with this territory. Anyway, happily just solved a really frustrating challenge while developing a new Landing Page for our new online business using Thrive Themes and did this while listening to Yanni​ via my Bluetooth headset giving me the freedom to get up and stretch my legs occasionally and to go to the bathroom as needed without missing a beat.

So, with that being said, you want a great Bluetooth Headset for handling music while you work but keeping access to phone calls right at hand? Then try a pair of HBS-770. Pick them out from the choices below.

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