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In this section of the “How To Live Off The Grid Now™” website, we have searched, and are constantly searching, the internet to bring together in this Index, a great variety of interesting “Deals”: That is, we are finding and posting details about items, products and services of all types that could be useful to you whether you are on or off the grid.

Some are funny, some serious, some are entertaining, some are educational, some are consumable and some are even wearable; all are respectively and potentially solving some challenge or filling some need or want that you may be facing right now. Browse the index and check out the offers and make some choices.

We are constantly looking for, and reviewing, new stuff. We have quite a way to go before all of the categories you can see listed in the index have related offers for you to use; we are working to fill out the choices as quickly as possible. Several are still “~Under Construction” at this point; there is no data to show you yet under those categories.

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If you find any errors or changes, please feel free to let us know.

If you find any offer that you particularly like, please leave a comment to let everyone know what you found and why you liked it. If there is something that you looked for but did not find, please lets us know so that we can fill that void for you and other subscribers.

Thank you for being here and taking advantage of saving cash as you shop for bargains and solutions here.


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