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How To Live Off The Grid Now™

cabin in the woodsis an on-line Off-The-Grid Membership Community and One-Stop Resource plus Blog, set up to serve you and help you save time, money and effort to "Get Yourself Off-The-Grid": A place, founded by Peter Off-The-Grid, where you can find, and share, about everything it takes for you to create your own complete, modern-day, self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-supporting, sustainable "Off The Grid" home lifestyle or to at least move as much as you can of your current urban/suburban lifestyle into a more self-reliant, self-sufficient way of living.

That is, we are about helping you in creating a lifestyle that is as free as possible of dependency upon public utilities, outside infrastructure and external resources such as electric power from the grid, food from the super-market, income from the 9-5 jobs market and gas (bio-diesel) from the gasoline station.

Living Off-The-Grid today does not automatically mean that you have to go off to live in some remote wilderness spot although you could even do that if doing so is what you really want to do.

Nor does it necessarily mean giving up all creature comforts of the modern home - including not necessarily having to give up such things as TV, the Internet or even your smart-phone - and certainly includes having fundamental necessities like a well-built, secure and safe, home with high-efficiency heating and cooling, hot water for showers, clean water for drinking and cooking, good, dependable, sanitation, practical cooking and refrigeration facilities, reliable electricity and healthy home-grown food.

For some, going off into the remote wilderness may be their preferred choice; for others, it may just mean living where they are while simply converting whatever they have in their current urban or suburban home setting into using as many Off-The-Grid resources as possible, such as Solar Energy for heating and electricity, wind and maybe even water turbines for electricity and may even mean having some method of producing Bio-Diesel for their car.

So the ultimate goal here then is to get as completely as possible off-the-grid so as to create, and maintain, as high a degree of economic freedom as may be possible in our lifestyle: In other words, to get to the point of minimising the need for cash, eliminating as much debt as possible and becoming as independently self-productive as possible in producing as much of the stuff as possible that we need for our own day-today sustenance and welfare.

Hence, the guiding principle underlying the philosophy of "How To Live Off The Grid Now" - in defining what being off-the-grid really means for us - is all about getting to be in a place of living with as much economic and fundamental physical freedom as possible from dependency on outside resources and gain as much freedom as possible from the limitations of depending upon outside constraints and resources such as the power grid for our electricity, the super-markets for our food and the 9-5 job market for our income.

Translating the above into simpler, clearer terms, means getting to be living our life, and creating a lifestyle, that maximises our own direct production of the vital resources that we each need to sustain our own life and lifestyle including that of our companions and partners such as our family - including our spouses and children - while minimising our need for dependence upon any outside resources - such as the Power Grid, Super-Markets or the 9-5 Job Market - for all of which we would inevitably have to have a source of capital and/or cash.

In other words, HTLTOGN is all about creating, and gaining, a self-reliant, self-sustaining lifestyle of economic freedom - slave to no-one, with maximum possible control over how we live our own life notwithstanding that we may still have to pay taxes and will still have to be aware of, and may have to abide by, relevant zoning regulations and relevant local and state laws.

Peter Off-The-Grid

Peter Off-The-Grid

is the Founder and Mentor of "How To Live Off The Grid Now™".

Peter Off-The-GridMy mission is to help people who want to get, and have, freedom from dependence on the power grid for electricity, from super-markets for food and 9-5 jobs for income: People who want to get off the grid and become self-sufficient and self-reliant which is important to them because it allows them to have more control over their own life and speaks to their underlying desire to have more time with family and friends and to create the freedom they desire to focus on the things that leave them feeling accomplished, gratified and enabled to fulfill their own dreams.

So really, who is Peter Off-the-Grid? Well, I'm an ex-pat Brit', as you may have guessed from my accent if you haver watched any of my videos. I was born into wartime Britain with rationing and scarcity of everything. My parents and extended family were totally into self-sufficiency: We grew our own vegetables and fruit and bottled and preserved everything that was preserveable.

My happiest times in growing up were spent on the farm amongst the chickens, pigs and cows and the farm, back then, was totally off the grid. No phone or TV, generated its own electricity, pumped its own water, managed its own septic system and grew most of its own food.

I loved being there: I'm all "Country" rather than "City", and wanted to be a farmer "when I grew up" but was persuaded to go to college. When finally - after a rebellious stint in a very popular UK Rock Band as Bass player and vocalist - I ended up as an electrical and electronics engineer via an additional two years of Organic Chemistry along the way, all of these experiences have served me well throughout my incredible career on both sides of The Pond - as we Brit's call the Atlantic Ocean and I'm also a US Citizen.

I'm also a licensed ham radio operator and have designed and built my own ham radio gear. Incidentally, when the national power grid goes down, so will the cell phone and cable TV services but hams can still talk to each other in emergencies and if you have satellite TV plus uninterruptible power-supplies keeping your TV on, you will still know what's happening while everyone else in your neighbourhood is staring at blank screens.

I am also an all-round capable do-it-yourselfer; you need to be able to do many different things, or be able to pay someone to do many different things, in order to go live off the grid. I've personally fixed up some really old homes; rewired, re-plumbed, dug footings, replaced walls, built cabinets and so on. Also successfully grown all of my own vegetables.

I have built new production plant from the ground up and I have turned around many struggling businesses - both in the esoteric, bleeding-edge technology development hardware field and in software systems and applications development endeavours from finance and on-line eCommerce to health-care; all quite fascinating but I have always yearned to go back to the farm and get back off-the-grid.

So I have spent a great deal of time and effort in researching the latest ideas and technology available for creating a successful off the grid home and lifestyle and in joining that knowledge with my own experiences as a resource to share with like-minded folks like you to help to save you the time, money and effort you would otherwise have to spend in attempting to bring all this together for yourself via endless web-searches through ambiguous and dubious results looking for relevant information: "How To Live Off The Grid Now™" is the result and your solution.

I founded "How To Live Off The Grid Now™" to become its own version of a self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-sustaining community to help people like you to successfully not only create your own plan for getting off-the-grid but to also help you put that plan into action to get yourself off-the-grid, successfully living your life on your own terms to the degree that such is possible for you given all of the naturally occurring discrete challenges and variables that have to be overcome along the way and that are respectively unique to the circumstances and abilities of every individual. Disclaimer

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