About How To Live Off The Grid Now


About How To Live Off The Grid Now

How To Live Off The Grid Now™

cabin in the woods is an on-line, interactive, Membership Community focusing on what it takes to create a self-sustainable, self-reliant, off the grid lifestyle: It is set-up as a one-stop source of curated Solutions and Resources to serve you and help you save time, money and effort to "Get Yourself Off The Grid".

A Community Organisation, founded by Peter Off-The-Grid, where you can find, and share, about everything it takes for you to create your own complete, modern-day, self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-supporting, sustainable "Off The Grid" homestead lifestyle or to at least move as much as you can of your current lifestyle into a more self-reliant, self-sufficient and greener way of living.

In other words, this is about helping you in creating a lifestyle for yourself that is as free as possible from dependence on public utilities and services, outside infrastructure and external resources such as income from the 9-5 jobs market, food from the super-market and electricity from the power grid.

Why This Freedom Matters For You:

Just think about what happened in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico recently after the hurricanes: As long as you have not located within a low-lying area or flood-plain and have avoided flooding resulting from the storms, with freedom, particularly, from dependence on the power grid and the super-market, you can, most likely and more readily, quickly recover and sustain after such events having effectively prepared ahead of time to handle such emergencies. On the other hand, conventional 9-5 jobs are quickly disappearing: You need alternative income options.

By the way, this kind of freedom would also prepare you to sustain after a TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) or EMP event and you would not necessarily have to go off to some remote wilderness spot just to do that.

You Don't Have To Go Remote:

Living Off-The-Grid today does not automatically mean that you have to go off to live in some remote wilderness spot although you could even do that if doing so is what you really want to do.

Nor does it necessarily mean giving up all creature comforts of the modern home - including not necessarily having to give up such things as TV, the Internet or even your smart-phone - and certainly does include having fundamental necessities like a well-built, secure and safe, home with high-efficiency heating and cooling, hot water for showers, clean water for drinking and cooking, Off-The-Grid Outhouse good, dependable, sanitation, practical cooking and refrigeration facilities, reliable electricity and healthy home-grown food.

For some, going off into the remote wilderness may be their preferred choice; for others, it may just mean continuing to live where they are now while simply converting whatever they have in their current urban or suburban home setting into using as many Off-The-Grid resources as possible.

Go Off-The-Grid Without Moving:

For example, for those who do not want to go remote but prefer to stay where they are now and who have cultivatable ground space around their existing home, Chickens, Pigs, Cowsit may mean simply turning that space into a back-yard farm where they can grow their own vegetables and, perhaps, also have chickens for meat and eggs and even goats for milk and cheeses plus even a pig or two, rabbits and bees.

On the other hand, whether you prefer to go remote or to stay where you are, there are many off-the-grid options that could be used equally effectively in both cases: For example, Solar Energy for heating and electricity, using Wind Energy if you have consistently flowing winds in your locality - and even Water Energy if you have a source of flowing water - for electricity generation and it may even mean having some method of producing Bio-Diesel for your car or truck.

Creating The Off-The-Grid Lifestyle:

So the ultimate goal of HTLOGN (How To Live Off The Grid Now) here then is to provide you with the information and resources you need to help you get yourself as completely as possible off-the-grid - meaning as free as possible of having any dependence on outside resources - so as to create, and maintain, as high a degree of economic freedom as may be possible in your lifestyle: Off-The-Grid Economic Freedom

In other words, to help you get to the point of minimising the need for cash, eliminating as much debt obligation as possible, and become as independently self-productive as possible in producing as much of the stuff as possible that you need for your own, and your family's, day-to-day sustenance and welfare.

Economic And Physical Freedom:

Hence, the guiding principle underlying the philosophy of "How To Live Off The Grid Now" - in defining what being off-the-grid really means for us - is all about getting to be in a place of living with as much economic and fundamental physical freedom as possible from dependency on outside resources, gaining as much freedom as possible from the limitations of depending upon outside constraints and resources such as the power grid for your electricity, the super-markets for your food and the 9-5 job market for your income.

It's About Helping You Get Free:

In other words, HTLTOGN is all about helping you in creating, and gaining, a self-reliant, self-sustaining lifestyle of economic freedom - slave to no-one, with maximum possible control over how you live your own life notwithstanding that you may still have to pay taxes and you will still have to be aware of, and may have to abide by, relevant zoning regulations and relevant local and state laws. Disclaimer

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About Peter Off-The-Grid

Peter Off-The-Grid

I'm Peter Beddows, and I'm the Founder, CEO and Leader of "How To Live Off The Grid Now™".

Peter Off-The-GridI help guide people who aspire to securely live a sustainable, Eco-sensitive, holistic lifestyle, solve the problem of confusion and frustration typically experienced in trying to figure out how to turn around from being a conventional, dependent, urban/ suburban/ city denizen into being a successful, independent, self-reliant, Living Off The Grid, dweller, which ultimately results in helping you gain a generally healthier, happier, more rewarding and more satisfying, lifestyle because you also gain more control and freedom in your life to do what you want to do when, and how, you want to do it.

My Mission In Creating How To Live Off The Grid Now:

My mission is to help people who want to get, and enjoy having, freedom from dependence on 9-5 Jobs for their Income, Conventional Housing for their Shelter, from Super-Markets or Fast-Food Outlets for their Food and the Power Grid for Their Electricity.

People who want to get completely off the grid without having to relocate to some remote wilderness spot and yet still become as self-sufficient and self-reliant as possible, wherever they are located, which is important to them because it allows them to then have more control over their own life and speaks to their underlying desire to have more time with family and friends and to create the freedom they desire to focus on the things that leave them feeling accomplished, gratified and enabled to fulfill their own dreams.

What I Mean By "Living Off The Grid":

By “Living Off The Grid”, I mean enjoying a lifestyle that includes not only having the best possible direct control over those things upon which your health, happiness, safety and general welfare depends - Income, Shelter, Food and Power - but also one that gives you as much freedom as possible from dependence on any part of the conventional “System” over which you can have no control.

How Do I Do That For You:

I do that by giving you guided access to curated information, tutorials, plans, ideas and a mutually supportive Community, through Membership in "How To Live Off The Grid Now™", which helps guide you into successfully creating, and sustaining, your own “Living Off The Grid” lifestyle, ultimately resulting in helping you gain a generally healthier, happier lifestyle with more security, satisfaction, control and freedom in your own life.

My objective is to help you save yourself time, money, effort and frustration in creating, and sustaining, your own self-sufficient, self-reliant, Off The Grid Lifestyle by helping you to plan, and develop, your own off-the-grid homestead

So Really, Who Is Peter Off The Grid:

Well, I'm an ex-pat' Brit', as you may have guessed from my accent if you have ever watched any of my videos. I was born into wartime Britain with rationing and scarcity of everything. My parents and extended family were totally into self-sufficiency: We grew our own chickens, vegetables and fruit and bottled and preserved everything that was preserveable.

Early Off-The-Grid Experiences:

My happiest times in growing up were spent on the farm amongst the chickens, pigs, sheep and cows and the farm (pictured in this web-site banner image), back then, was totally off-the-grid. No phone or TV, generated its own electricity, pumped its own water, managed its own septic system and grew most of its own food. Churning cream into butter was a great arm-muscle - and patience - building exercise and the home-made sausages and ham from the pigs was wonderful!

Early Rebellion - Then Redemption:

I loved being there on the farm: I'm very much more "Country" rather than "City", and wanted to be a farmer "when I grew up" but was persuaded to go to college. When finally - after a rebellious stint in a very popular UK Rock Band as Bass player and vocalist The Brewers Rock Band- I ended up as an electrical and electronics engineer via an additional two years of Organic Chemistry along the way.

Advantage - Wonderful Parents:

During WWII, my father was an officer in the British Navy where he taught Communications. Having also been one of the earliest holders of a UK Amateur Radio Operators License, his interest in Amateur and Short Wave Radio plus his amazing ability to communicate using Morse Code, lead me to also became a licensed Ham Radio Operator. I've had a great deal of fun in designing, building and operating my own ham radio gear.

Worth Noting - Disaster Prep:

Incidentally, it is worth noting that whenever the power grid goes down, typically, so will the cell phone and cable TV services - the aftermath of hurricane Maria crossing over Puerto Rico shows how that can happen - but hams can still talk to each other even in emergencies and, note that, if you have satellite TV service like Dish plus an uninterruptible or back-up power-supply keeping your TV on, you will still know what's happening while everyone else in your neighbourhood is staring at their now blank TV or smart-phones screens.

Fixer-Upper Background:

After the war, my father - a double-degreed engineer and well positioned in his own career and entrepreneurial enterprises - never seemed happier than when he was fixing up whatever home we were living in so I had a great master craftsman tutor in all things to do with construction from foundations to roofs and everything in-between and so I became an all-round capable do-it-yourselfer.

Benefits Of Being DIY Capable:

Inevitably, you do need to be able to do many different things, or be able to pay someone to do many different things, in order to go live off the grid. Fortunately, since I've also fixed up both relatively new and some really old homes (one was around 150 years old, built of stone from the mountain it was built on); rewired, re-plumbed, dug footings, removed and replaced walls, built cabinets and so on and also successfully grown all of my own vegetables, my years of gathering all of these experiences fit well into handling the many varied DIY needs that arise in comfortably and safely living in an off-the-grid environment.

Background Professional Career:

In the course of my own professional career, I have built new production plant from the ground up, Building Business From Ground Up created many original, technical, hardware and software, solutions to meet new business opportunities and I have turned around many struggling businesses as well as having started and built others - both in the esoteric, bleeding-edge technology development hardware field and in software systems and applications development endeavours from finance and on-line eCommerce to health-care; all quite fascinating and creative but, nonetheless, I have always yearned for individual freedom and to get back off-the-grid and go back to the farm. Even tried sailing but farming wins!

Cumulative Advantages:

All of these experiences have served me well throughout my incredible career on both sides of The Pond - as we Brit's call the Atlantic Ocean. However, I'm now convinced that creating the self-reliant, off-the-grid, farmstead homestead is the only sure way now - in this fast changing AI oriented world that is displacing so many skilled, very well qualified and highly experienced, workers - to enjoy the fullest possible level of economic freedom and independence.

AI, Robotics - The Old-Jobs Killers:

Today, given the rapid changes that are taking place in the global workplace with the advent of AI, Robotics and Process Automation, never mind also the impact of job-outsourcing, far too many well-qualified, skilled and experienced people - like you and me - are being displaced from the work place with fewer and fewer opportunities for re-securing a healthy income from any conventional employment sources. The "Jobs", as we knew them, are never coming back!

Why Does Any Of This Matter:

For our own future safety and security, we urgently need to get back to the pre-industrial age way of individually being capable, self-sufficient and self-reliant but now we can do that with a modern touch that includes a post-industrial age level of comfort and convenience along with having the community support of like-minded folks traveling in the same proverbial boat with us - and now also enjoying a level of comfort that the pre-industrial age never knew by being able to now take advantage of the latest technology and technical advances in the way that we build our homestead, grow our own food and do things for our own source of income today.

Future Safety And Security:

We all need to now become entrepreneurial and create our own business, our own sources of income, energy and food. Joining the growing community of HTLOGN helps you answer the question of "How Do I Do All That?" It's why this community - and the on-line assets and resources of HTLOTGN - have been created.

Off-The-Grid Research Curation:

So I have spent a great deal of time and effort in researching the latest ideas and technology available for creating a successful off the grid home and lifestyle and in joining that knowledge with my own experiences as a resource to share with like-minded folks like you to help to save you the time, money and effort you would otherwise have to spend in attempting to bring all this together for yourself via endless web-searches through ambiguous and dubious results looking for relevant information.

HTLTOGN On-Line Assets Benefits:

The on-line assets and resources that make up "How To Live Off The Grid Now™" is the continually growing result of this research; it is your solution, your answer to your questions about getting off-the-grid, helping to save you from frustration and get you quickly started on your own journey to getting yourself off-the-grid.

Community - Strength In Numbers:

In particular, there is strength in numbers, meaning that by becoming a member of this off-the-grid Community of like-minded, common-objectives, folks where you can seek, and get, answers from people who have the experiences that you need to help guide you forward in so many helpful ways, can make all the difference in helping you reach success in your adventure and cope with any, almost inevitable, miss-steps along the way.

Going It Alone Is Challenging:

The alternative is attempting to get off-the-grid alone without any support, isolated, going blindly on your way into the future by yourself without access to knowledgeable guidance which can be very challenging, daunting, tough, disheartening experience and, most likely, also very costly in terms of mistakes and wasted time, effort, money and arriving at failure in your journey.

The Solution - Save Time, Money:

So I founded "How To Live Off The Grid Now™" to become its own version of a self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-sustaining, educational, informational and resourceful support community to help people like you to successfully not only create your own plan for getting off-the-grid but to also help you put that plan into action to get yourself off-the-grid, helping you get to the place where you could be successfully living your life off-the-grid and on your own terms to the degree that such is possible for you given all of the naturally occurring discrete challenges and variables that have to be overcome along the way and that are respectively unique to the circumstances, abilities and resources of every individual. Everyone's results will be unique to each individual and no one result will necessarily be typical or can be guaranteed. Disclaimer

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